How to Delete Music on an iPhone

by Marissa Robert

If you want to delete music from your iPhone, you can do it directly on the phone, or you can connect your phone to your computer and managing the content through iTunes. Delete music to make room for new songs or to keep the content on your iPhone fresh. You can also edit and create new playlists or play your music at random.

Deleting Music on Your iPhone


Tap the "Music" app to launch it. Tap the "Songs" button.


Scroll to the song you want to delete and swipe the song.


Tap the "Delete" button.

Deleting Music Using iTunes


Plug the iPhone into your computer using your USB connection cable and click the "Windows" button, "All Programs" and select "iTunes."


Click your iPhone in the column on the left side of the iTunes window. Check the box labeled "Manually Manage Music and Videos" in the Summary tab. Click "Apply."


Click the arrow next to your iPhone's name in the left column to expand and see the playlists, music, videos and other content on the device. Click "Music."


Scroll to the song you want to delete in your music list. You can use the search window or organize the songs or artists in alphabetical order to find it. Click the song to highlight it. Click the "Edit" menu and click "Delete."

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