How to Delete All Messages in a Yahoo Mail Inbox at One Time

By Filonia LeChat

Get rid of unwanted Yahoo emails.
i Comstock/Stockbyte/Getty Images

An overflowing email inbox is the modern version of a postal box being crammed past capacity with letters, fliers, catalogs, magazines and junk mail. When you’ve already cherry-picked what you want to keep, blitz out everything else in one sweep by using Yahoo’s bulk email deletion option. In one click, you can let Yahoo know what to remove and enjoy a neater inbox ready for your next messages.

The Not-So-Inbox Crowd

Navigate to Yahoo and log into your inbox. Click the small check box near the top left of the message list. To identify the box, you can hover over it and look for a pop-up that says “Select or deselect all messages.” Click a check mark into the box. Once all of the messages in the inbox show a check mark to their left side, click the “Delete” button. If Yahoo prompts you with a “Do you really want to delete all the messages in your Inbox?” window, click “OK” or “Yes.”

Taking Out the Trash

Even after you clean out your inbox, old messages are still hanging around your Yahoo email. To complete the process, hover your cursor over the Trash folder on the left side of the screen. When you see the small garbage can icon appear with an “Empty the trash” pop-up message, click the garbage can. When Yahoo asks “Are you sure you want to permanently delete all email in Trash?,” click the “OK” button.