How to Delete Memory from an HP All-in-One

by Tommy Charles
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The HP All-in-One series of printers is produced by Hewlett-Packard and provides printing, scanning, and copying solutions in a single device. This allows users to optimize their office space. Like all printers, the All-in-Ones contain on-board data storage devices that allow them to store information on the print job at hand. However, like all devices, these printers contain software that can be susceptible to corruption from a variety of sources. In cases like these it may be a good idea to restore the printer's memory to factory settings.

Step 1

Disconnect power to the unit by carefully unplugging the power cable from the wall.

Step 2

Press the printers "#" and "9" keys at the same time and hold them down.

Step 3

Plug the unit back in while holding these two buttons down.

Step 4

Hold the buttons down an additional five seconds and then release.

Turn the unit on.


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