How to Delete Memory on a CoolPix

by Brian Richards

Nikon CoolPix digital still cameras are designed for the amateur photographer. The cameras are light, portable and easy to use and have both internal memory and removable SD memory cards for photo storage. The cameras will default to storing pictures on the SD memory card, but will automatically record and display photographs from the internal memory if no memory card is available. Photos left unprotected can be deleted.

Step 1

Press the play button--which features a picture of a solid triangle in the middle of a rectangle--on the backside of the camera.

Step 2

Press the "menu" button to access the playback menu.

Step 3

Rotate the multi-selector dial to scroll the menu cursor to the "delete" option represented by a trash can.

Step 4

Scroll to the option "erase all images" and press the "OK" button on the backside of the camera.

Scroll to the "yes" option on the confirmation dialogue and press the "OK" button on the backside of the camera. If a removable SD memory card is inside the camera, the camera will delete all of the photos on the card. If there is no SD memory card, the camera will delete all photographs in the internal memory.


  • Deleted photos cannot be recovered. Transfer all photos you wish to save to your computer before deleting the internal memory or the memory card.


  • Photographs that have been protected cannot be deleted from the menu until they have been unprotected. The "protect" option is also accessible through the playback menu.

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