How to Delete Map Points on an iPhone

By Andrew Tennyson

Sync your iPhone with iTunes to reload deleted apps.
i Hailshadow/iStock/Getty Images

When Apple released the iPhone 5, the company replaced the iPhone's formerly native Google Maps app with a proprietary mapping and directions application called Apple Maps. Although the application is similar in many ways to Google Maps, some aspects of the application function differently, including how you go about managing map points. In Apple Maps, map points are referred to as “pins.” Touching and holding anywhere on a map drops a purple pin at that location. A dropped pin can then be added to the iPhone's contacts and bookmarks, shared with friends or reported to Apple if there is a problem. It can also be deleted.

Step 1

Tap the purple pin you want to delete. A small pop-up window appears, displaying the address of the map point.

Step 2

Tap the circular blue icon on the right side of the pop-up window to display additional options for the pin.

Step 3

Tap the “Remove Pin” button to delete the map point.