How to Delete Keystroke Records

By Jason Taetsch

Keystroke records are made by surveillance software to keep track of use on a computer. Surveillance software is used by parents and employers to make sure employees are efficient and that children are not visiting inappropriate websites. You can delete keystroke records from your computer once you have viewed them to clear up some space on your hard drive. Some programs may require an administrator password from the program to access the files so make sure you have the username and password information handy.

Click "Start" and click the "Computer" option. The "Computer" interface provides access to the files saved on your computer.

Use the folders in the left hand side of the window to locate the administrator folder for the software that stores the keystroke records. The folder will likely be stored under an unassuming name that is only known to the administrator of the software.

Click on the keystroke files you want to erase to select them and press the "Delete" key. Alternately you can right-click the file and choose "Delete" from the context menu. Enter in the administrator password for the program if prompted by the computer.

Close the "Computer" window and right-click the "Recycle Bin." Click the "Empty" option in the list to delete the keystroke records permanently from your hard drive.