How to Delete Internet Explorer on My Computer

by Johnathan Cronk

Internet Explorer is a web browser that many new computers that have Microsoft Windows installed come equipped with. There are many browsers that can be downloaded onto your computer to use other than Internet Explorer. Some prefer a different browser, or do not use the Internet and do not want Internet Explorer taking up space on the computer's hard drive. Regardless of your reasoning, deleting Internet Explorer only takes a few steps.

Close all programs that are currently open on your computer. Click on "Start," then "Control Panel."

Locate the "Uninstall a Program" icon and double-click. This will bring up all installed software on your computer.

Scroll down the list of programs installed and find "Internet Explorer." Double-click on the program to begin the uninstall process.

Follow the prompts on screen to completely remove Internet Explorer from your computer. Restart your computer, when prompted, to complete the removal of Internet Explorer.

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