How to Delete a Hotmail Email Address

by Mark Kennan

Hotmail is a free email service provided by Microsoft as part of Windows Live. It was originally launched in 1996 and was sold in 1997 to Microsoft for $400 million. As of 2009, Hotmail had almost 300 million accounts.

Step 1

Log in to your hotmail account and click "Help."

Step 2

Search for "Cancel Account" and select "Why are all my e-mail messages gone?"

Step 3

Expand the option that says "Close a free Hotmail account" and click "Windows Live Hotmail close account."

Step 4

Click "Close Account" on the page that opens.

If you do not sign in to your account for 365 days, your account will also be deleted.


  • If you change your mind after closing your account, you can log back in within 270 days to restore your account to active status.


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