How to Delete Outlook.com Contacts

by Lauren Miller
anyaberkut/iStock/Getty Images

Microsoft’s Outlook.com is a free Web-based email service. Formerly called Hotmail, the service provides unlimited email storage as long as the number of emails in your account does not grow too fast. The service also includes a contact list, calendar and integration with other Microsoft products. If you have a cluttered list of Outlook.com contacts, it is easy to edit or delete them.

Deleting Contacts

When you log in to Outlook.com, click the down arrow in the main navigation to access your contact list. Select the “People” icon. Each contact in the list that appears will have a check box next to it. Click the check box next to the contact you want to delete, then click “Delete” from the main menu. Outlook.com also includes your contacts from Microsoft-owned Skype. You cannot delete contacts that were originally created in Skype; if you attempt to do so; you will receive an error message. You must log in to the Skype app to delete the contact.

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