How to Delete Home Pages From Your Settings

by Matt Skaggs

In Internet Explorer, the option to remove your browser’s home page is available in “Internet Options,” and in Chrome and Firefox you find it in their main menu sections. Deleting the home page or pages your browser currently has means that clicking the “Home” button will display the content you would normally see when you open a new blank tab rather than a website.

Internet Explorer

In Internet Explorer, open Internet Options by clicking the Tools icon, which is in the shape of a gear, and then “Internet Options.” Within the “General” tab, your current home page or home pages are displayed in the Home page section. To delete those home pages, click the “Use new tab” option and then “OK.”

Chrome and Firefox

For Chrome, click on the Chrome menu, which is an icon with three horizontal lines, and select “Settings” and then “Open the New Tab page” under “On startup.” In Firefox, click the Firefox menu, which is also an icon with three horizontal lines, and select “Options.” In the “General” panel beside Home Page type “about:newtab” without the quotation marks. Clicking the “Home” button will now take you to a new blank tab.

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