How to Delete Windows Home Network & Start Over

By Andrew Macauley

i Pixland/Pixland/Getty Images

Networking your PC devices can greatly expand their capabilities and ease of use. But while creating and joining a Windows network has become much easier over the past few years, you will probably find that if you no longer want a network you created, the steps to delete it are significantly less obvious. Fortunately, on Windows Vista or Windows 7, it isn't too difficult once you know the steps.

Deleting the Network

Step 1

Login to your computer as an administrator and click on the Start button.

Step 2

Click "Control Panel." Click the category button under "viewby" in the upper right hand corner of your screen. Click "Classic View" in Windows Vista or "Large Icons" in Windows 7.

Step 3

Click "Network and Sharing Center" from the icons that appear. Click "Customize" in Windows Vista or click "Manage Wireless Networks," located on the left, in Windows 7.

Step 4

Click "Customize" in Windows Vista and then click "Merge or delete network location." Highlight the network you want to remove and click "Delete." In Windows 7, right click on the network you would like to remove and click "Remove network."

Starting a New Network

Step 1

Go to the "Network and Sharing center" by clicking Start, then control panel. Click "Viewby" and click "Classic Icons" in Windows Vista or "Large icons" in Windows 7. Click "Network and Sharing center."

Step 2

Click "Set up a new connection or network" from the "Change your network settings" section. Click "Set up a new network" and make sure that all devices--printers, computers, etc.--that you want to be on the network are currently turned on. Click "Next."

Step 3

Choose your router or other device you would like to network from the list, click "next" and follow the instructions.