How to Delete a Group of E-mails using the iPad

by Steven S. Warren

The Apple iPad is a device that enables you to browse the Web, play games, consume knowledge and read e-mail with your fingers. When reading e-mail, you can delete a single e-mail or delete a group of e-mail messages. Deleting a group of e-mail messages at one time allows you to control your inbox without the use of a keyboard.

Step 1

Turn on your iPad device. The power button is located at the top-left corner of your iPad.

Step 2

Tap the "Mail" icon app and tap your e-mail account.

Step 3

Tab "inbox" and tap "Edit." This puts your iPad in group edit mode.

Step 4

Tap each e-mail in your inbox you want to delete. A red check mark appears to the left of the e-mail to validate your selection.

Tap "Delete."


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