How to Delete Google Images History

by Melissa King
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Google Images can be a useful tool when you need to quickly find pictures or photographs on virtually any subject. If you have been searching for certain images, but would rather not let those who share you computer know about it, your history can be deleted. In both the Firefox and Internet Explorer browsers, this is done in similar ways. You can choose to erase all of your search history, or only what you have searched for in the past few hours.


Step 1

Open the Firefox browser, and click on "History" at the top of the page. Click "Show All History."

Step 2

Enter "" into the search bar located at the top right side of the page. This is the Web address for Google Images. Click "Enter."

Right click on the items in the list, such as searches or images viewed. Click on "Forget About This Site." These entries are permanently deleted from your history.

Internet Explorer

Step 1

Open the Internet Explorer Browser. At the top of the page, click "Favorites," located at the top-left corner of the page.

Step 2

Click the "History" tab. Click on the day or week for which you want to delete Google Images history. It is possible to select the current week and last week, as well as two or three weeks ago.

Step 3

Locate the entry for "Google []," and click on it. All of the searches you have conducted on Google for that day appear.

Find the word or phrase for which you searched in the list. Next to it, it says "Google Images." Right-click on the entry, then click "Delete" to permanently erase it.


  • You can use Firefox's "Start Private Browsing," found under "Tools" to search for Google Images without the search data being saved. Internet Explorer has a similar option, found under "Safety," then "InPrivate Browsing."


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