How to Delete Your Gaia Online Account

By Naomi Bolton

Contact the Gaia Online support team to delete your account.
i Visage/Stockbyte/Getty Images

The only way to delete your Gaia Online account is to contact their support department and request it to be done via a support ticket. Since some information about your account is kept for record-keeping purposes, you can remove this information manually before requesting the deletion of your account. Because of the way that Gaia is coded, the user ID and username of your account is stored even after your account is deleted. You can delete all other information yourself if you do not want it to be stored by Gaia.

Step 1

Sign in to your Gaia Online account (link in Resources) and then click the "My Gaia" tab.

Step 2

Select "Notifications" from the "Account" drop-down list and then click the check box next to "Global Opt-Out."

Step 3

Select "Details" from the "Account" drop-down list and remove all your personal information. Click the "Save All Changes" button to commit to the changes.

Step 4

Navigate to the "Submit a Ticket" section of the Gaia Online support page (link in Resources) once you are sure that you have removed all your personal information from your account.

Step 5

Select "General Account Inquiry" from the "Subject" drop-down list and "Account Status" from the "Topics" drop-down list.

Step 6

Select "Delete My Account" from the "Sub Topics" drop-down list and then type your Gaia Online username in the "Which Account Was Affected?" section.

Step 7

Select a reason for deleting your account from the drop-down list and then enter the details in the space provided. Here you can give a detailed description about why you want to delete your account, or simply state that you no longer wish to make use of the service.

Step 8

Click the "Finish" button to submit the ticket to support. An automated reply is sent to your email address to confirm your ticket submission. Within seven business days, you should receive a response that your account has been deleted.