How to Delete an RSS Feed From Internet Explorer

By Nick Peers

Internet Explorer 11 can save Really Simple Syndication feeds from frequently updated websites in the Feeds or Favorites folder. You can delete the RSS feeds if you no longer want to see the latest updates or if the website is no longer being updated by its developers. You can add the feeds to Internet Explorer 11 again in the future, but you can't recover deleted feeds unless you back them up.

Back Up Feeds and Favorites

If you think you'll need the feeds later, back them up before erasing them. You can also back up your favorites when you back up the feeds. Press "Alt-C" to display the Favorites box, click the arrowhead next to "Add to favorites" and click "Import and export." Select "Export to a file," click "Next," select "Feeds" and "Favorites," and then follow the instructions to back up the feeds and favorites.

Deleting RSS Feeds

Press "Alt-C" to display the Favorites box and then select the "Feeds" tab to view all your RSS feeds. Right-click the feed you want to remove and click "Delete." Click "Yes" to confirm and delete the feed from Internet Explorer 11. If you've added some feeds to the Favorites Bar, select the "Favorites" tab, click "Favorites Bar," right-click each feed and select "Delete" to erase it. The feeds are located in the "C:\Users\Your_Username\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Feeds" folder. To view the AppData folder in File Explorer, enable the "Hidden items" option in the "Show/hide" group on the View tab.