How to Delete Favorites in the Facebook App for iPhone

By Anthony Oster

While sliding right accesses the Facebook menu, sliding left accesses your Favorites.
i Justin Sullivan/Getty Images News/Getty Images

The Favorites function in the iPhone's Facebook app enables you to organize your list of friends, giving you fast access to the people you contact the most. While previously, the Facebook and Facebook Messenger apps were two separate programs, the most recent update to the iPhone's Facebook App has merged the functionality of Facebook Messenger into the standard Facebook app. The Favorites list is linked directly to Facebook's chat feature, enabling you to send instant messages to friends who are online and leave private messages to those who are offline.

Step 1

Launch the Facebook app on your iPhone. Touch any area in the app and slide your finger to the left to access the Favorites menu.

Step 2

Tap "Edit" to remove friends from your Favorites list. You must first have friends saved to your Favorites list before you can remove anyone.

Step 3

Select the red minus-sign-shaped icon next to the friend that you would like to remove from your Favorites list and then click "Done."