How to Delete Facebook Business Pages

by John Mitchell

A Facebook business page is a place for you to showcase your store, product or service, attract new customers, communicate with fans and build your brand, whereas a personal page is strictly for individuals to to connect with their circle of friends and favorite brands. Individuals can favorite or "Like" a page, which allows your business to be discovered by new people. If you may want to delete your page from the social network if your company went out of business, discontinued a product or service or even changed your online business strategy. Deleting a page is permanent and cannot be reversed if you change your mind.

Sign in to Facebook to access your account. Type in the email address and password. Click "Login."

Click the "Account" option from the top navigation bar. Select "Use Facebook as Page."

Click the "Switch" button for the page you want to delete.

Click the "Edit Page" button on the left side, and go to the "Manage Permissions" section.

Click the "Permanently Delete" link next to "Delete Page." A pop-up window will appear, asking you to confirm your choice. Click the "Delete" button to finalize.


  • close If you delete a Facebook business page, you will lose all the fans who liked your page.

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