How to Delete an Embedded Virus

by James Garret

Viruses embed themselves in files on a computer's hard drive. They can wreak havoc on your system -- and cause you a lot of stress. A virus may attach itself to a valuable system file that you should not delete. Fortunately, there are tools that can clean the virus from these files.


Download Microsoft's Malicious Software Removal Tool. Get it free by visiting and searching "Malicious Software Removal Tool."


Restart your computer. As it loads the splash screen, hit "F8" to enter safe mode. This allows you to access Windows and run the anti-virus software without the virus interfering.


Run the Malicious Software Removal Tool. Click "Start" and then "Run." Type "MRT" into the command field. Select "Next" when the software starts.


Choose "Full Scan" on the software prompt screen. This initiates a scan to locate those viruses that are harder to find. Click "Next" and follow the prompts to remove viruses that have been discovered. Click "Finish."


Restart your computer. Do not press any keys while your computer starts. Your system is virus-free.


  • check Turn on "Windows Update" to ensure that your Microsoft products have the latest security features.

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