How to Delete an Email Address That Automatically Comes Up When Composing Gmail

by Allen Bethea
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Gmail’s email address auto-complete feature can be a memory aid, time saver or an exasperating nuisance when you're trying to address an email message. While you can simply click the “X” after the incorrect address, it will continue to pop up every time you try entering the correct contact. While you cannot turn off auto-complete, you can permanently delete any incorrect email address that automatically comes up whenever you compose a message by deleting it from your contact list.

Step 1

Type the characters that trigger the incorrect, “auto-complete” suggestion into the "To" input box, and then select the address you want to delete.

Step 2

Hover your mouse over the email address in the Recipient box until a dialog box with the text “Contact info” at the bottom appears.

Step 3

Click on the “Contact info” link, and then minimize the “New Message” window.

Click the “More” menu, and select "Delete contact."


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