How to Delete Data in a PDF Form

by Qyou Stoval

Portable document format (PDF) is a universal document format that can be opened in multiple operating systems and computers including Windows, Mac or Linux-based systems. Some PDF forms have data that may need to be deleted or altered in some way. Once PDFs are saved they cannot be changed unless you have a PDF editing software. Depending on the original format of the PDF, deleting data can alter other parts of the document.


Locate and download a PDF editing software. For example, Adobe Acrobat X is a comprehensive PDF editing software that allows you to delete and edit PDF files as well as create them. Foxit Pro is another example of PDF editing.


Open the application and select "File" then "Open." Navigate to the location of the PDF on your computer, and click "Open." Left-click on the data you would like to delete. Use your mouse to highlight the data and press the "Delete" key on your keyboard. Some software may require you to click the text icon (looks like a "T") before allowing you to delete or edit text data in the PDF.


Save the document by accessing "File" then "Save" or press "Control" plus "S" on your keyboard. Depending on the PDF editing software, you can save the file as a PDF or other formats.

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