How Do I Delete a Comcast Favorites List?

by Tricia Goss
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You can create a list of your favorite programs, channels and even personalities using Comcast Xfinity's Favorites list feature. In fact, you can set up as many as five different lists, creating one for each family member or designated category, such as sports, cooking or a particular actor. If someone moves out of your home or you decide you are over your Zac Efron obsession, you can delete an entire Favorites list, making it available for your latest Hollywood crush by selecting and deleting it from the Favorite Lists Setup menu using your remote.

Step 1

Press the "Menu" button on your remote twice to access the Main Menu.

Step 2

Press the arrow keys to select "Setup" and then select "Favorite Lists Setup."

Step 3

Use the arrow keys to select the Favorites list you want to remove. Select the "X" next to the list name to delete it and click "OK" to confirm that you want to delete the list.

Step 4

Remove a single channel from your Favorites by selecting the heart icon next to the channel name in your Favorites list.

Remove a single program or personality from your favorites. Go to the Main Menu, select "Saved," select the item you want to remove, select "Remove Favorite" and choose "OK" to remove the selected item.


  • Your digital cable box will preserve your Favorites if you experience a power outage.
  • Create new lists quickly by selecting the heart icon on the Quick Menu and selecting "Set Up Favorite List." Press the keyboard icon and use the arrow buttons to choose letters for the name of your new list, then select "Save." Press the lock icon and enter your Locks PIN to prevent others from deleting or changing your list. Your PIN is the first four characters of your password.
  • You can change or reset the PIN from the Xfinity Web portal (see Resources).

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