How to Delete Previous Backups Using Norton 360

by Tara Kimball

Norton 360 stores backup files within the program directory structure, allowing you to manage your computer backup files from the main application panel. With a few clicks, clean up the backup files stored in your Norton 360 application. This can help you avoid cluttered disk space, preserving your computer speed and usefulness. Deleting backup files is an irreversible process, so be certain of the files you wish to remove before completing the task.


Launch the Norton 360 application. Locate the “Tasks” button and click on it to launch the Tasks window.


Click “Manage Backup Sets” in the Tasks window. This will launch the management panel for your computer’s backup files.


Click the “What” tab and specify the category of the file you are looking for. Locate the appropriate backup item and the file you wish to remove. Click the check box next to the backup file to clear it.


Click “Close” to close the window. Click “Save Settings” and then select “Close” in the next menu.


  • check The management panel allows you to remove individual files as well as all files in a backup.

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