How to Delete Avast! Sandbox

by Jason Artman

Avast! anti-virus software has a feature called the Avast! Sandbox that automatically detects when you are running potentially dangerous software and offers to run the software in a virtualized environment that cannot harm your computer. You also cannot make any permanent changes while running software in the Avast! Sandbox, though, which may cause an inconvenience if you are running software that you know is safe. Delete the Avast! Sandbox to prevent this prompt from appearing if you have thoroughly scanned software and are sure that it does not contain a virus.


Right-click the circular orange Avast! icon in the lower-right corner of the screen and select "Open Avast! User Interface." The main menu for Avast! appears.


Select the "Additional Protection" heading on the left side of the menu, and then select the "AutoSandbox" feature below.


Press the "Settings" button near the bottom of the window.


Remove the check from the box labeled "Enable AutoSandbox."


Click "OK," and close the Avast! main menu.

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