How to Delete Adware From Internet Explorer

by LizaK

Internet Explorer is a browser that you might use to access the Internet. Like all browsers, it can be susceptible to Adware. Adware are programs that attach themselves to your computer and slow it down. They might also collect information about you, or give you and your computer viruses.

Download the newest service packs and updates from the Microsoft site listed in References. This will protect your IE from any glitches or holes that might allow adware to creep in.

Purchase or download an Adware program from your local store, computer center, or the Microsoft online store. You can find hundreds of them, so choose one and download it. This will remove Adware from your Internet Explorer as well as from the rest of your computer.

Install the Microsoft Pop Up Blocker on the reference page. Many adware pieces come from pop-ups, so you can block them and make sure that you don't get any more.

Remove any existing Adware programs by going into your Start menu, and then clicking "My Computer," and "Add/Remove programs." Scan the list for programs you don't want, and remove them.