How to Delete an Account in QuickBooks

by Gabriele Sturmer

The financial management software QuickBooks lets businesses manage their various accounts. When you add an account, QuickBooks adds it to its chart of accounts. The chart of accounts includes bank accounts, physical assets, depreciation and credit cards and lines. If you need to change one of your accounts, QuickBooks lets you edit the account's information or delete it completely. Deleting an account also removes any of its transactions.

Launch QuickBooks. If anyone else has your file open, have them close it before proceeding. Click "File" and select "Switch to Single-User Mode."

Click "Tools" on the QuickBooks toolbar, then select "Chart of Accounts." Select the account to delete, then click the "Account" button below the Chart of Accounts.

Click "Delete Account" and click "OK" to remove the account from QuickBooks.

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