How to Degauss a Sony Television

By Kirk Bennet

Calibrate your tube-based television.
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Degaussing demagnetizes the metal components in your TV and minimizes the potential for image distortion. Although most televisions, including Sony televisions, degauss automatically, there are times when you must manually force the TV to degauss. A degauss is required when you notice image distortion and color issues, especially around the edges. Forcing a degauss in a Sony TV is straightforward. However, if image distortion and color issues persist, you might consider purchasing a brand-new television (link in Resources).

Step 1

Plug the AC power adapter into the electrical outlet.

Step 2

Press the "Power" button on the remote or on the TV itself to turn on the television.

Step 3

Ensure an audible pop occurs immediately after you press the "Power" button. This sound is generated when the TV is automatically degaussed.

Step 4

Unplug the AC power adapter if you want to force a degauss.

Step 5

Wait for 30 seconds, plug the power adapter and turn on the TV to degauss it.