What Is the Definition of U-Verse?

by Luke Arthur

U-verse is the brand name for a range of consumer services offered by AT&T. With U-verse, you can get television, high-speed Internet and landline phone service in your home. While the services are similar to those offered by other providers, U-verse provides some features not available elsewhere.

Services Offered

AT&T; U-verse service, which is based on fiber optic technology, offers consumers the option of bundling television, Internet and phone service with one provider. Consumers can also choose to subscribe to individual services, such as Internet access via plans with maximum download speeds ranging from 3 Mbps to 24 Mbps, as of mid-2011. U-verse service is not available in all areas in the United States.

TV Features

The U-Verse television service provides some features that you cannot get with other providers. For example, with U-Verse, you can record up to four shows at one time on one digital video recorder. With other providers, you may only be able to record two shows at once. With U-Verse, you can also access the recordings on the DVR from any room in the house. The television service also provides perks like games and streaming photos from your personal library on your TV.

Equipment and Contract

One of the potentially attractive features of AT&T; U-verse is that you do not have to sign a contract for the service. With other providers, you may be required to sign a multiple-year contract. U-verse is on a month-to-month agreement. Necessary equipment is also provided by AT&T; at no extra charge. If you want extra receivers, you may be required to pay an extra monthly fee.

Phone Features

AT&T; U-verse telephone service includes some extra features. For instance, when you integrate your telephone service with U-verse TV, you can see who is calling with caller ID on the television. U-verse telephone service also provides you with access to visual voice mail. You can see exactly who left you a voice mail instead of having to listen to it first.

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