Define Memory Speed of RAM

By Gregory Hamel

A module of RAM
i ram 3 image by PeteG from

Random access memory (RAM) is temporary data storage space in a computer that sends data to the computer's central processing unit (CPU); the memory speed of RAM is the rate at which it can receive data and send data to the CPU.


RAM modules are identified based on the speed at which they can transfer information; for instance DDR400 RAM can send data 400MHz and DDR667 RAM can work at 667MHz.


The higher the RAM's memory speed, the faster it can send data to the CPU; faster memory speed can result in better computer performance.


DDR (double data rate) RAM uses technology that allows the RAM to transmit data twice as fast as normal RAM.


The capacity of a RAM module is separate from its speed; for instance one RAM module could have 1GB of storage space, and another could have 512MB, but they could both run at speed of 400MHz.


Upgrading RAM can be an effective way to improve computer performance; increasing both the amount of RAM and the speed of the RAM you use can help boost computer speed.