How to Decrypt Text on Wordpad

by Brian Cleary
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With more people using personal encryption, there stands a chance that you'll need resources on how to decrypt text. Usually a sender of encrypted text instructs the recipient on how to decipher or decode the text, but obviously that isn't always the case. The Internet provides an enormous resource for free locations to decrypt text. There are numerous websites that offer free decryption services for common encryption types. If you have text needing decryption, a trial and error process using several online sources may be successful.

Step 1

Copy and paste the encrypted text into Webnet 77 ( This website specializes in the Blowfish method of encryption and decryption.

Step 2

Copy and paste the encrypted text into Yellowpipe's ( decrypter. This website uses very common encryption/decryption algorithms such as ASCII, Binary, Hex and MD5 crypto which don't require a cipher to decrypt.

Copy and paste the encrypted text into Chilkat Software's ( AES decrypter. AES is a powerful yet common form of encryption.


  • Many forms of encrypted text require a cipher or password to be able to unlock, while others won't, so ask the person who sent you the message for the cipher.


  • There are a finite amount of public encryption methods, so testing the encrypted text on multiple resources may yield better results.


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