How to Decide If You Still Need a Landline Phone

by braniac

Do you still need a landline phone, or do you use your cell phone so much that your landline phone sits in your house like an antique on display? Here is how to decide if it is finally time to get rid of it.

Think about your cell phone's reliability. Do you still have a landline to use at home simply because you cell phone "dies" unexpectedly or drops calls occasionally? It would be cheaper to invest in a new cell phone or carrier than to pay the phone bill every month on a landline.

Compare the monthly cost of the landline with the monthly cost of more minutes on your cell phone. If the landline's primary purpose is to cut down on the minutes you put on your cell, it might be cheaper to buy more minutes each month, or switch to a more flexible plan than to keep your landline.

Shop around online for cell service providers that offer friends and family packages. You can cut down on the amount of minutes that you use by choosing a provider that allows you to make calls to certain individuals for free.

Invest in a car charger. You may forget to charge your cell phone frequently and do not want to be without communication to the outside world. Buy a car charger and develop a habit of charging your cell phone every time you get into the car. If the charge fades quickly, get a new phone. Either option is cheaper than the landline.

Stick with what you like. If you can't find a logical reason for keeping the landline phone but don't like change and do not want to part with it--don't! Your money is yours to spend how you wish, and calls on your landline are probably a bit clearer anyway.