How to Decide Between the Kindle and iPad

by Contributor

The Amazon Kindle is an e-reader device that allows users to remotely download and read books, magazines and newspapers The iPad allows the same e-reader tasks as the Kindle, while also allowing for Web browsing and a few other light computing tasks. If you are in the market for an e-reader, you may be debating which device to purchase. Learn the difference between Kindle and iPad to help you make the decision.


Consider what you want to do with your device. If all you want to do with your device is to read newspapers, magazines and ebooks, then the Kindle is probably the right choice. If you want additional functionality beyond an e-reader, then you might consider springing a few hundred dollars extra for the iPad.


Decide how much memory you need in your device. The iPad has much more room to store data, if you plan to use the device for more than just reading.


Decide if you want a color or black and white screen. If you are only going to read on the device, black and white may be all you need. The iPad has a color screen, the Kindle has only black and white.


Review additional costs. The Kindle requires no additional service charges. The only additional fees are for downloads. The iPad can work in most locations if you upgrade to a data service plan with AT&T.


  • check Keep up on the latest developments from Apple and Amazon. Both companies constantly release new information and new products
  • check Test drive both devices by going to an Apple Store (to test the iPad) or by finding a friend with either device. Take the time to get a feel for the device and see what you like.


  • close The iPad or Kindle may not completely replace books and papers in the beginning; it takes time to get used to reading books on a Kindle or iPad.

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