How to Deactivate the V-Chip in a Sharp TV

by Abby Vaun

The FCC required V-chip in your Sharp TV helps parents protect their children from seeing inappropriate programming. However, if this is no longer necessary and you've forgotten the password or you purchased a used Sharp TV and want to deactivate the V-chip, the secret code can be cleared using the buttons on your television and/or remote control. The procedure for your specific model can be found in the television's operation manual but is basically the same for most Sharp TVs.

Press the "Menu" button on your remote control and use the down arrow button to navigate to the parental lock or v-chip setting, depending on your television model.

Press and hold the down volume button on your television when prompted to enter the password. Some models require you press and hold the channel up button on the television instead of the volume button.

Press and hold the "0" button on your remote control at the same time. If your model requires you to press the channel up button on the television, press the channel down button on the television instead of the "0" button on the remote.

Hold both buttons until the "Enter Password" screen disappears.

Release both buttons.

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