How to Deactivate a Streaming Device to Reactivate It on Netflix

By Aaron Wein

Reset your Netflix if you encounter streaming difficulties.
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Netflix allows you to pair multiple streaming devices to the service, including smartphones, gaming consoles and computers. If you run into problems with a streaming device, one of your first troubleshooting steps should be to deactivate your devices from your Netflix account. Once completed, you can use Netflix's online account management tools to reactivate them The main downside to this process, however, is that Netflix does not give you the ability to disconnect devices individually -- you must deactivate all devices associated with the account.

Step 1

Log in to your Netflix account.

Step 2

Click "Your Account" at the top right.

Step 3

Click "Manage devices and computers" in the Your Streaming Plan section.

Step 4

Click "Disconnect Devices" and click "Disconnect" when prompted.

Step 5

Click "Your Account & Help" at the top right.

Step 6

Click "Activate a device." An Activate Your Device page appears with a field for entering the device's code.

Step 7

Retrieve the Netflix activation code from your streaming device. This step varies depending on your device, so view your owner's manual for help if necessary.

Step 8

Type the activation code into the "Enter Code" field on the Netflix website and click "Activate" to finish reactivating the streaming device. Repeat Steps 5-7 to reactivate other devices if necessary.