How to Deactivate Directv Receivers

By Camilla Peters

DirecTV provides many options for watching the hottest shows on TV. However, there may be a time when you would like to reduce programming to a smaller number of televisions in the home. Such instances could include moving into a smaller home or a child going away to college. The best way to do this is to deactivate the unwanted receiver, instead of just storing it. By deactivating a receiver, you will save money on your next DirecTV bill, because each receiver incurs a fee when active.

Step 1

Gather the access card and receiver ID numbers from the receiver that you would like to deactivate. The card number will be located on the back of the access card under the bar code. The receiver ID number is located on the back of the receiver along with the model number and serial number.

Step 2

Call DirecTV Customer Service at 1-888-777-2454, and follow the prompts to connect to a live customer service representative.

Step 3

Provide the service phone number and name on the account when connected to the customer service representative.

Step 4

Tell the representative that you would like to deactivate a receiver on your account, and give her the access card number and receiver ID number of the receiver that you would like to deactivate.

Step 5

Confirm that the receiver has been deactivated. The receiver should now show a message stating that you must call customer service to activate it.