Dazzle DVD Recorder Instructions

By Joshua Laud

With the Pinnacle Systems Dazzle DVD Recorder, you can easily transfer your old VHS tapes to DVD with just a few clicks of a mouse. The Dazzle DVD Recorder is designed to make DVD creation simple for everyone and can connect to an analog camcorder, VCR, DVD player or TV. Once you've connected the equipment, you can begin creating your first DVD.

Insert the Pinnacle InstantDVD Recorder software disc in your computer's disc drive. Follow the onscreen instructions to install the software. When prompted , connect the Dazzle DVD Recorder using the provided USB cable. Insert the flat rectangular end into the computer, and the squarish end into the corresponding slot on the device.

Connect your device to the Dazzle DVD Recorder. Depending on input device, either connect the phono cables or the S-Video cables, as well as the audio cables. Connect the S-Video cable to the S-video jack on your device and the other end into the Dazzle DVD Recorder. Or connect the video phono cable to the video phono jack on both your device and the Dazzle DVD recorder. Then connect the audio phono cables to both your device and the Dazzle DVD Recorder. Launch "Pinnacle InstantDVD" from the Start menu on your computer.

Click "Let the Wizard guide me," then "Next." Select "Dazzle DVC100" from the sources list. Turn on your input device. You should see it in the window on the right. Adjust volume if necessary. Click "Next."

Choose your DVD burner from the list, and click "Next." Choose a menu design, and click "Next."

Choose a length of time for recording and a recording quality. Click "Start Recording." Press "Play" on your input source. This starts the burning process.