DashLane vs LastPass

By Kevin Lee

Learn to log in securely even when others watch you do it.
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One of the best ways to protect your private information is to ensure that nobody can guess your online passwords. You could do that by inventing complex passwords that are hard to remember, or you could using a password manager such as DashLane or LastPass. Both applications make Internet life easier by storing passwords for you. All you have to remember is a single master password that the app uses to log you in to any website. While DashLane and LastPass have many common features, you’ll find a few important differences.

Security Is Job One

Perhaps the most important feature to look for in a password manager is its encryption capability. Because hackers can intercept information you send over the Web, DashLane and LastPass protect that data using AES-256 encryption. This advanced encryption method is, as ZDET puts it, “military-grade.”

Never Fill Out a Web Form Again

Both apps store passwords in a secure password vault that only you can access. In addition to enabling you to enter one password to log into any website, DashLane and LastPass give you the option to click a button to log in automatically. This is possible because these apps enter your master password for you. The Autofill feature in both programs saves you time by enabling you to fill out Web forms automatically.

Reasons to Choose LastPass

LastPass has a built-in on-screen keyboard you can use to enter your master password. This type of input prevents keylogger software from capturing your keystrokes and forwarding that information to hackers. LastPass also backs up your data online for free while you must purchase DashLane’s premium version to accomplish that task. If you’d like to carry your password information with you, you can do that by backing it up to a USB key. You can then use LastPass Pocket or Firefox Portable to log in to sites automatically if the USB device is plugged into your computer.

Features Unique to DashLane

DashLane has a secure digital wallet that can save all types of payment information so you can use it to pay for things quickly when you shop online, which eliminates the need for you to store sensitive credit card information online. You won’t have to save receipt information manually because Dashlane takes screenshots of your purchases and saves your receipts automatically. You can also tell Dashlane to send you a security alert if someone compromises one of your online accounts. When you have trouble coming up with a strong master password that’s hard to guess, let Dashlane generate one for you. A security dashboard helps you identify passwords that are too weak or passwords that you’ve used before.

Free vs Premium

DashLane offers a free version that has fewer features than the paid premium version. For instance, you must sign up for DashLane Premium if you want to sync your password across all your devices or backup your account online. LastPass also has a premium version that enables you to use the program on mobile devices. The premium version also removes ads from the user interface.