Does Dampness Affect an LCD TV?

By Turner Anderson

Never plug in a TV near any form of water source.
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LCD (Liquid Crystal Display) TVs produce a clearer display image than the standard cathode ray tubes of the past. Depending on size, a new LCD TV is a more expensive investment than sticking with a standard television, which is why protecting your LCD TV from all sorts the elements is a good idea. Exposing your TV to weather, humidity, and dampness can impair its performance.

Moisture and TVs Don't Mix

Moisture, dampness, or any sort of liquid can damage and short out electrical components. If your TV is in a location that is prone to moisture, like a screened-in porch or possibly a basement, you run the risk of harming the sensitive electronics in your LCD TV. Moisture can leak into the circuits and ruin the connections needed to operate the TV.

Preventing Dampness in Storage

If you need to store your television, especially in a basement or outdoor shed, properly storing and packing your TV will prevent the delicate electronics from damage. A couple items are very important when storing your TV: plastic bags and desiccant pouches. Place the power cords and cables into plastic bags, then insert the desiccant pouches to help absorb any moisture. Place the TV in a box and fill it with styrofoam peanuts to keep it safe while transporting. Preferably store the TV in a cool, dry location to further decrease the likelihood of moisture.