Daewoo DSL 801 Specifications

By Andrew Latham

Skid-steers like the Daweoo DSL 801 are used in construction sites as loaders in areas with reduced access and space.
i construction site image by windzepher from <a href='http://www.fotolia.com'>Fotolia.com</a>

The Daewoo DSL 801 is a skid-steer loader built by Daewoo's Machinery and Commercial Vehicle Team. Skid-steer loaders are small, powerful and agile vehicles used to load materials on construction sites and factories throughout the world. They are especially useful in areas where space to maneuver a vehicle is an issue. For instance, the Daewoo DSL 801 would be useful to dig a basement under an already constructed house where larger loaders would not fit.


The Daewoo DSL 801 comes in two versions: the standard model and the high-flow hydraulics model. High-flow hydraulics provide the skid-steer with auxiliary power and increase its productivity. The standard Daewoo DSL 801 has 24 horsepower. The high-flow hydraulics of the high-flow Daewoo DSL 801 model provide it with 41 hydraulic horsepower. That translates into an extra 17 horsepower to work with.

Weight Capacity and Size

The Daewoo DSL 801 has an operating weight capacity of 1,700 pounds. This means you can safely load up to 1,700 pounds on the skid-steer's loader. The width of the Daewoo DSL 801, not including the bucket, is 65.4 inches. This is one of the selling features of the DSL 801. Its small profile allows it to work in areas where it would be unsafe to use a full-size loader.

Hydraulic FLow and Pressure

The hydraulic flow of a skid-steer is measured in gallons per minute. The Daewoo DSL 801 provides up to 18.2 gpm in the standard model and 31.7 gpm in the high-flow model. The hydraulic pressure of a skid-steer is measured in Pascals per square inch. The Daewoo DSL 801 provides up to 2,480 PSI.