How to Cyberstalk Legally and Without Someone Knowing

by braniac

After meeting someone for the first time or after a great date many people have the urge to "cyberstalk" the other person. This means they research them using the internet to find out about their past such as where they are from, what they do, etc. There are many ways to find information about the other person without them knowing and without stealing their passwords or impersonating them.

Step 1

The first thing is to get as much information about them as you can. Write down these facts such as their full name, what school they attended, phone number, etc.

Step 2

Google is a very powerful tool

The most powerful tool for "cyber stalking" is Google, if they have an uncommon name this process will be much easier. Just type in their name, in quotes such as "John Smith," and information about them will come up such as postings made through work, schools attended or volunteer activities. If their name is not unusual type in their name in quotes and then afterwards place a minus sign (-) and then a word which relates to whomever is coming up in your search. For example, "George Washington" -president. This will show all websites with the name George Washington but without the reference to him being president.

Step 3

Using something as their AIM screen name can be useful

There are other ways to use Google to find out about someone. Type in their name and a keyword with something you know about them such as where they live, what company they work for, etc. Also try just typing in their phone number in different ways such as (555) 555-5555 or 5555555555. This is also true for their email address, screen name, etc. Sometimes you get lucky and are able to find out more random information.

www.whitepages.com can be helpful

If you have their phone number www.whitepages.com offers a "reverse lookup" using their phone number. If it is a cellular phone it will give you their cellular provider and the city that it is registered to. If it is a land-line the website will tell you their full name, address and possibly other people registered to that address.


  • "Cyber stalking" could end a relationship or "sketch" someone out. Be careful who and how you cyber stalk.
  • A lot of information you find may be very old or outdated dating back to even their middle school days!

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