How to Cut Ribbon Cable

By Jessica Reed

Ribbon cable is a wide, flat cable consisting of several conducting wires running parallel to each other. It is typically used in electronics. To trim ribbon cable to size, use a scissors; the blades of a wire cutters are often too short.

If there is a connector attached to the cable, you may need to remove it before cutting. Hold onto the connector and pull the cable backward to pull it away from the connector. If you meet any resistance, push down slightly on the front of the connector and wiggle the cable back and forth while pulling.

Lay the cable on a flat, clean surface. Measure the length of cable you need to cut. If you are unsure, estimate more than you think you'll need and shorten the cable later.

Position a large, sharp pair of scissors across the cable at a right angle. This means the scissors should run in a straight line across the width of the cable. Hold the cable firmly in one hand and the scissors in the other. Work slowly to prevent tearing or ripping the cable. Do not let the scissors slide or cut diagonally across the cable.

Cut through the cable with the scissors. You do not need to make the cut in one motion. Keep the scissors straight and cut slowly across the cable. Press down firmly on the scissors for best results.

Open the scissors after completing the cut and remove the cable. Lay the extra cable aside in case you need it in the future.