How to Cut & Paste in Outlook 2007 Email

by Terrance Karter

Microsoft Outlook 2007 is an email program that is available with Windows. Even though 2007 is past, many people still use Outlook 2007. If you are sending emails or using your email program for other type of business, you can cut and paste within your email program using basic cut-and-paste commands.

Open your Outlook email and go to the section where you would like to cut and paste. Cut and paste is used when you want to take certain parts of what you’ve typed and move those parts somewhere else in the copy.

Click the section of text you’d like to cut and paste. While holding down on your mouse button, drag your mouse so that the entire section of text you’d like to cut and paste is highlighted.

Click “Ctrl” and “x” at the same time. This does two things simultaneously. It copies the text onto a clipboard, and it deletes the text in the copy.

Place the cursor in the area where you would now like the text to appear. Click “Ctrl” and “v” at the same time. This will paste the section of text where you’d like it to be.


  • check You can also use this method to cut and paste sentences or paragraphs from other documents into your Outlook email, or from your email into other documents.

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