How to Cut and Paste From Microsoft Word to An Email Letter

By Editorial Team

Updated December 09, 2019

Write a letter, recipe or poem in Microsoft Word, and then cut and paste it into your email program. Moving a document from Microsoft Word to your email letter is simple if you follow these steps.

Creating a Document in Microsoft Word

Open Microsoft Word by double-clicking the Microsoft Word program icon on your desktop. If you cannot find the icon, click "Start" and find Microsoft Word in the program menu.

Type your text onto a blank page or open an existing document.

Select the document you want to copy by clicking the left side of the mouse and dragging your mouse pointer across the page. Let go when the desired area is selected. To select the whole page at once, choose "Edit" > "Select All" from the "Menu" bar.

Click "Copy" on the standard tool bar or right click anywhere on the selected document and choose "Copy" from the "Menu." Word stores the copied document in the clipboard.

Minimize your Microsoft Word document by clicking the "Minimize" button on the top right of your screen. It looks like a dash or underscore mark. Microsoft Word is now sitting at the bottom of the screen.

Pasting Into an Email Letter

Open your email program. Create or write a new email.

Type an email address in the "To:" box. Press your "Tab" key to move to the "Subject" box below. Type a topic in the "Subject" box.

Press the "Tab" button again until your cursor is in the main email window.

Click the right side of the mouse in the empty space. A menu will appear. Choose "Paste" from the "Menu." The Microsoft Document will now appear in your email.

Click "Send" to email your document. Close your email program. Return to your Microsoft Document by clicking the "Document" button at the bottom of the screen.


Click "Copy" and not "Cut" to copy your Microsoft Word document.


Clicking "Cut" will remove the original document from Microsoft Word.

Items you will need

  • Computer

  • Microsoft Word

  • Internet access

  • Email program