How to Cut Out a Picture

by Contributor

The Internet is full of interesting and compelling graphics and photographs that you may want to use in projects as illustrations. Removing one image from a whole graphic can often save a lot of time and labor. A change in the background can create a completely new image that works perfectly for your project.

Download the picture you are going to work with by selecting the picture and right clicking, then choosing "Save Image As." Save it on your desktop so it is easy to locate. Any photograph, piece of art work or magazine clipping can be scanned and imported.

Choose a graphics program such as Photoshop, PhotoImpact or Paint Shop Pro. You will use this program to cut the portion of the graphic out of the original and to save it for use somewhere else.

Open the picture in the working window. Use the "Select" tool to select the part of the image you want to cut out. Use the pull-down menu and select "Copy" to remove the selected object from the original picture. Open a new window in the workspace. Then position the cursor in the new window and select "Edit" and "Paste" to include the part of the picture that you copied, which should now appear in the new window.

Magnify the view of the window to at least 200 percent. Now select the "Eraser" tool and begin to make closer edits to the image that you want. Use the Eraser to delete portions of the picture. Select areas as close to the image as you can and work your way around the outline of the image.

Enlarge the image one more time. View the outline of the object that you want to keep and make sure that the edges are clean and you have removed all unwanted pixels. Now you are ready to save the image in a form that you will be able to use in another picture.

Select the "File" menu and choose "Save As." In the "File Type" drop-down menu, choose "GIF" and press "OK." When prompted, select that the file will be transparent by selecting the transparent color and press the "Yes" button. The background color of the picture is usually the transparent color. This will remove the pixels of this color from the image and save the rest of the image. Give the file a name and Select "OK."

Check your work. Close the window that is viewing the new picture and then choose "File" and open the new file. Examine the file that you saved and make sure it turned out the way you wanted it to.