How to Cut out Part of a .JPG

By Lorna Parever

JPGs provide a convenient format for altering photos.
i Oli Scarff/Getty Images News/Getty Images

JPGs or JPEGs are some of the most common formats for digital images and photographs. These formats are easily recognized across operating systems and programs. Regardless of what type of PC you own, cropping, altering and cutting into JPGs requires online or desktop software.

Crop your JPG in Photoshop. The Crop tool removes any unwanted area of the image. Click the "Crop" icon on the tool palette. Drag the Crop tool box over the part of the image you want to keep. After you highlight the bounded area, release the mouse. Click the check mark on the Options menu next to the "X" to cut your image.

Edit your JPG in MS Paint. Clicl on the cropping, or Select, tool. It looks like a rectangle with a border made out of dashes. Drag the box with your cursor around the area of your JPG you want to keep. Hold down the "CTRL" and "C" keys together to copy the selection. Open up a new file by pressing "CTRL" and "N" together. Paste your selection into the new, blank file by pressing "CTRL" and "V" together.

Change your JPG in Preview. For Apple users, Preview is an easy way to alter images and like MS Paint, comes included with any Apple computer. After opening your JPG in Preview, click within the image area to cut and drag the dotted box around the area. Click "Tools," then click "Crop."

Cut away parts of your JPG with free online resizing tools. Pic Resize is one reputable online picture resizing tool. From the home menu, select the "Choose File" button and pick the JPG on your desktop that you would like to crop. Click "continue" and then go to a new screen where you crop and resize your image. Once you crop your JPG, you have the options to save the JPG to your desktop or onto a website.