How to Customize Text Messages on a Samsung Galaxy S4

By Rob Clarkson

Your text-message recipients may take more meaning from your customized messages.
i Toby Burrows/Photodisc/Getty Images

Several different types of text message customization are available for the Samsung Galaxy S4 including font, message bubble color and style, background, and keyboard. You can set these custom options through either the native messaging app or through various third-party messenger apps.


The font of your Galaxy S4 text messages is whatever the system font is set to. To change the font seen in the native text messaging app, the font for the entire Galaxy S4 must be changed. To do this, access the settings application on the phone. Click on the “My Device” tab and then select “Display.” The second-to-last set of options is listed as “Font.” From here you can change font style, size and even legibility. The option to gather additional fonts online is also presented if you choose to change the style.

Text Bubbles

Text bubbles are the conversation graphics that differentiate each individual sender and receiver of a message. To customize the appearance of these bubbles, open the Messaging app. Make sure you are on the main screen and not in any conversation and then click the Menu button. Select “Settings” and then scroll down to the “Display” section. From here you can choose different styles for the sent and received bubbles as well as different background styles for the entire conversation.


Emoticons -- also known as smileys -- are built into the Samsung Galaxy S4 Messaging app. To access the default set, open the Messaging app and go to an existing or start a new conversation. When in the conversation, press the Menu button and select the “Insert Smiley” option. This will give you a list of stock emoticons that you can attach to your message. More emoticons are available through third-party apps, but they require additional installation, sharing steps and/or a separate keyboard to work properly.

Other Customization Options

Text messages can be customized far more than what the Samsung Galaxy S4’s default Messaging app and settings permits. However, any further customization requires downloading third-party messenger applications and/or third-party launchers. While most of these applications are harmless, they are not always specifically designed for the Galaxy S4 and can cause software errors and crashes.