How to Customize a Picture on CD Labels

By Carl Hose

Burning custom CDs for music, movies and other data has become common practice today. With graphics software, audio software, and the affordability of CD-R discs, making these custom CDs has never been easier. Once you've burned a CD, you may want to customize it further by adding your own picture label. If you enjoy burning custom discs, you can easily add your own custom pictures to your CD labels using any one of several types of software on the market.

Choose a program that includes easy-to-use templates for creating CD labels. Word and OpenOffice are word processors with CD label templates. Serif and Scribus (Mac users) are free desktop publishing programs that offer CD label templates. There are also several dedicated CD label programs on the market at varying prices. Any one of these programs work basically the same and will suit your needs.

Open your CD Label software and choose a CD label template from the "File" menu and the "New" option. Your CD label template will load for editing. Choose a template for the CD itself, or if you want to make a CD case cover, select a template that includes the complete CD label set.

Click on the "Insert" menu and browse to the location on your computer where the photograph is you want to use to customize your CD label. Click the photograph and it will automatically be applied to the template. Click the text tool to add a title or other text over the top of the CD label.

Purchase CD label paper at an office supply store to print your custom picture CD labels. The CD label paper comes with a sticky backing that allows you to stick the label on your CD.