How to Customize My Laptop Icons

By Kayla Lowe

i Polka Dot Images/Polka Dot/Getty Images

Every computer comes pre-installed with certain desktop icons, and oftentimes users acquire others through downloads or by creating shortcuts to frequently used folders and programs on their computers. If you would like to customize your laptop, those icons may clash with your desktop theme. If you want to customize your laptop icons, you can do so with the correct process and icons.

Step 1

Create an icons folder in which to put your icons. Navigate to the “My Documents” folder of your computer and then click “Make a New Folder” to make a new folder. Name your new folder “Icons” or “My Icons.”

Step 2

Download the icons that you want to use to customize your laptop icons into the icons folder. A variety of websites offer free icon downloads.

Step 3

Customize default desktop icons (e.g. My Computer icon, Recycle Bin icon, etc.) by clicking “Start,” “Control Panel,” “Appearance and Themes” and then “Change the Desktop Background.” Click “Customize Desktop” beneath the “Desktop” tab.

Step 4

Select the icon you wish to change and click “Change Icon.” Click “Browse” to select the icon you want from your icons folder. Repeat this process for each default desktop icon that you wish to customize.

Step 5

Customize a folder or shortcut icon by right-clicking on the icon and then clicking “Properties.” Click “Change Icon” and then “Browse” to select the icon you want from your icons folder.