How to Customize the IMVU Homepage With a Picture Slide

by Paul Higgins

You can customize your personal IMVU homepage with a slideshow of your favorite photos to make it more attractive to your visitors. IMVU is a website that allows you to meet and chat with other people by creating both an avatar and a homepage. Other users can then visit your homepage, view your avatar and leave comments or send you direct messages. You can add widgets to your homepage, such as a slideshow, in just a few steps.

Visit the IMVU homepage in your favorite Web browser (see Resources). Log in to IMVU by typing your login ID and password in the fields and clicking on "Login."

Click on your username at the top left of the page to access your homepage.

Click on "Edit" in the toolbar to load the homepage editing tool.

Click on "Widgets" in the right-hand pane and select "Add." From the contextual menu, select "Picture slideshow."

Locate each photo you wish to incorporate into the slideshow on your hard drive by clicking on the "Browse" button and using the file browser to navigate on your hard drive. When you have selected all the pictures you want to use, click on "Generate" to create the slideshow. IMVU will automatically add that slideshow to your homepage.

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