How to Customize an Evite Invitation

By V. L. Hamlin

Customize Your Own Evite
i party invitation image by robert mobley from

Sending an evite is the fastest way to invite your friends and family to a party or event that you are having. Design a custom invitation with your choice of colors, theme and accents. You could even use your own photograph or image to decorate the background instead of choosing a graphic. Add your own title and customized message for your guests using any font color you like to let them know all of the important information about the party.

Step 1

Open your web browser and go to the Evite website. Select "Create an Invitation" from the options at the top of the page and then scroll to the bottom of the new page. Choose "Design Your Own" from the options under the "General" category to customize your own invitation.

Step 2

Choose a background for your invitation from the options offered. Upload your own background design if you want by clicking the "Browse" button and choosing your image.

Step 3

Select "Edit" from the top right hand side of the page to return to the design page to customize the rest of the invitation.

Step 4

Click "Add Main Image" to choose a large graphic to include on your invitation. Select the "Add Accent Images" tab to choose a smaller image to add more decoration. Use your own image instead of clip art by clicking "Browse" and choosing your image file.

Step 5

Choose the "Colors" tab and then select your choice of colors for the page text, event title, reply box and header bar.

Step 6

Click "Preview" to see the invitation before moving on. Make sure that your invitation is customized as you would like and then click "Finish."

Step 7

Type a title for the event in the box provided. Choose a theme for the party, enter the party information in the spaces provided and then include a custom message to the guests.

Step 8

Select "Add Guests" and enter email addresses for each of the people you will invite to the party. Import contacts from your email contact list instead of entering them manually. Preview your invitation again. Make sure there are no typos or incorrect email addresses and then click "Send."