How to Customize an Email

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Email intense applications like Microsoft Outlook include functionality to help you customize email. You can add pictures, music and even video to your emails. You can even change the way your email application behaves. Follow these steps to personalize your emails.


Add a signature to your email. Depending on the application you are using, you can easily add a signature that includes your name, an animated picture or a web link to each email you send. This helps identify your email and give it a more personalized appearance.

Embed an image into the email. Many people love to forward pictures they find on the Internet and incorporate them into a funny email. You can include pictures by uploading it in the email itself, or by including the hyperlink in the text field of the body of the email.

Create an email template for your business using Dreamweaver or a similar HTML production suite. This is a great tool for those who operate their own business and want to send out personalized emails tailored specifically for their customers.

Customize the Way Email Appears in Your Inbox

Add additional folders to your email server. Additional folders allow you to further organize your email. For example, you might want to add a folder for all of your business related emails, and one for your friends and family. Adding an extra folder in Outlook is done by right-clicking in the "Mail" section, and clicking the "New Folder" link.

Make your email application automatically check for new emails. Outlook, Yahoo! and Gmail can periodically check whether you have received new email. They can even provide alerts to let you know when they have been received.


  • check Not every item you want to include in an email can be displayed in real time. Applications and executables can only be included as attachments (and are sometimes blocked altogether by email servers).


  • close Be careful about what emails you select to open and which you leave for the spam filter to eliminate. While most of the emails you receive from your friends will be perfectly legitimate, some are fictitious and can include viruses that will harm your computer.

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